Patch Application Instructions

Be sure to read and understand ALL INSTRUCTIONS before beginning the application process.

Your patch comes with an adhesive backing that is activated by heat. To apply your patch, follow the steps below:

  1. Place garment on an ironing board or other firm, heat-proof surface.
  2. Heat your heat press or iron to 300 degrees. This is usually the “wool” setting on most irons. Do not use steam.
  3. Check the garment’s care tag to be sure it can withstand this temperature. Most denims, canvas, cottons and the like should work, but check to be sure. Heat should never be used on nylon, plastic or other delicate fabrics.
  4. Iron the spot where you plan to apply the patch to remove wrinkles and prepare the area.
  5. Remove the protective backing from the patch and place it where you would like on your garment.
  6. Cover the patch with a pressing cloth to protect the patch, iron and your work surface. Ink from patches can sometimes transfer to hot surfaces, so be sure to use something you don’t mind staining.
  7. If using an iron, turn the garment over and press from the back, if possible. If using a heat press, patches can be pressed from the front.
  8. Press the patch firmly for 15 seconds. Allow to cool. Check the edges for adherence. If they pull up at all, repeat the press and check again. You may need to press for as long as 30 seconds each time, depending on the iron.

Patches can be dry-cleaned or washed in cold water, but should be allowed to air dry as heat can loosen the adhesive backing.

By purchasing one of our patches you understand that application of patches is done at the risk of the buyer. 4 Left Turns is not responsible for damage to garments, irons, surfaces or individuals during the process of application. Application should only be done by an adult or under adult supervision. Please be careful!