All You Need is Love...and Racing

I don't remember going to my first race, most likely because I wasn't born yet. My Dad raced locally in Sprint Cars and Super Modifieds, and my Mom and I always went along. We spent every weekend at dirt tracks around our home in St. Charles, Missouri. For a while, Dad even drove the house car at St. Charles Speedway.

The images, sounds and smells that are unique to little dirt race tracks are as familiar to me as apple pie and fried chicken might be to others. There's an energy on the air that one won't find anywhere else. While there were big gaps in my life where I left the racing community - most notably when my Dad had to give it up - it never left me.

I spent 13 years working in motorsports media, and when that job dried up in the fall of 2013, I did not go looking for something else. In the two years before that, my daughter and I had started a small, handmade business. Somewhere along the line, my love of racing began to weave itself into my creations, and from that came the founding of 4 Left Turns.

The biggest memories really are made at little dirt race tracks.


MADE in America.
MADE by hand.
MADE using American made products.
MADE with care.
MADE to order.
MADE to your specifications.
MADE one at a time.
MADE with our original designs.
MADE in cooperation with awesome photographers.
MADE for race fans.
MADE by race fans.


NOT outsourced.
NOT mass produced.
NEVER copied from someone else.
NOT machined.
NOT like anyone else.

MADE. For YOU. By 4 Left Turns.

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