Don Figler's 2024 Midget Racing Calendar

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If you love Midget Racing, you need this calendar! Compiled by legendary motorsports photographer Don Figler, each month features photos by some of the best shooters in the business.

Drivers featured are Rico Abreu, Hank Davis, Logan Seavey, Kody Swanson, Sammy Swindell, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., Scott Koerner, Tanner Thorson, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Zach Daum, Buddy Kofoid, Chase McDermand, Jade Avedisian, Denny Smith, Sarah Fisher, Sarah McCune and Bud Koebler.

Bonus pages featuer the 2022 National Midget Hall of Fame Inductees.

Photographers who contributed to this calendar are: Casey Bollig, Dave Condit, Randy Crist, Gene Crucean, Don Figler, Ray Hague, Stan Kalwasinski, John Mahoney and Kyle Stark.

The beautiful cover photo is Butch Welsch's 1937 V-8 60 Midget, with artwork by Brad Plant.

We at 4 Left Turns are honored to present this amazing collection of artwork with our customers. Calendars will ship the next business day after you place your order.