How to Help a Small Business

In times of uncertainty and adversity, we all struggle. How will we pay the rent, buy food, care for our children? If you are a small business owner, that struggle doubles because you have to figure out how to do those first three things PLUS you have to take care of your business, employees, assets, etc. If your business is the sole support of your family, that can stress you to the breaking point.

With that said, there are things you can do to support small businesses now, and in the future.

If you have the means, then of course, purchase what you can from these businesses, even if it is a gift card for future use. They NEED whatever income they can get right now.

If you, like many of us, are watching every dollar you spend, there are still many ways you can help, without spending a dime. Here are just a few:

Find your favorite business on social media. Like/Follow their page.

Watch for posts, or go to their page regularly and like, comment and share posts. Those last two are especially important. Facebook wants business owners to be interactive on their pages. Your comments and shares help more people to see that business' page.

Share a post to your timeline, and also to a group you are in, if it is allowed. By sharing with like-minded individuals, you can help drive more traffic to the business' social media page, and help them gain potential customers.

Visit the web sites of your favorite businesses, even just to window shop. Increasing traffic to those sites is a huge asset. While there, bookmark items you like and save them for later. Create a Christmas List document and save the links there, then come back later and order them as gifts. Send a link to your favorite items to your significant other to help them shop for you at a later date. 

If the web site has a WishList feature, create a list of your favorite items so you can shop when things get better.

If you have made a purchase, and can leave a review, please do it! Legitimate reviews help potential customers feel more comfortable about shopping with a small business. Some online stores have review features on their web site, some on Facebook, and many have both options. Make sure to leave comments along with your rating.

Take a photo of something you have purchased from a local business, post it online with what a note about what you like about your purchase, and tag that business.

If you have a membership to a gym, or your child normally takes music or dance lessons or something that you pay for weekly or monthly, consider continuing those payments even though you/they are not able to go right now. If you can afford to keep doing it, I know that those businesses would really, really appreciate it. If you can't, it's understandable too. If we all just do what we can, we're going to make it through this.

We can build each other up and support each other through these difficult times. With patience, and help, our small businesses will survive. When we get through, and you are more able to shop, please support the small businesses in your community and online. They (we) are all going to need it.

Thank you!
Valerie Perkins
Owner/Crew Chief