We are currently running a "free shipping" sale on our garden flags. To be sure that our customers understand how this one works, we want to provide an explanation.

Our normal shipping price for garden flags, regardless of how many are purchased in one order, is $3.75.

For this promotion, you won't see the shipping price taken off your order in your cart. Instead, you will see the price of garden flag(s) ordered reduced by $3.75 total. For example, if you buy one, $3.75 will be subtracted off of one. If you order two, $1.88 will be subtracted from the first one, and $1.87 will be subtracted from the second one, and so on.

We know this is kind of a weird way to do this, but it's the only work around we have with our web site host. We wanted to make sure we are completely transparent about how the discount works.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Here's a link to our garden flag selections.

Crew Chief, 4 Left Turns