'The morning of my very first craft show/vendor event, my husband and I were rudely awakend by the eerie sound of tornado sirens. We live in the Midwest, so they are not uncommon here, but it was the first, and only time, I have heard them go off at 5:30 am on a Saturday, when we were not even expecting storms. We thought, at first, that they may have been triggered accidentally (it happens more often than you might think), but one glance out the windows at the ominious sky indicated otherwise.

We took our usual precautions, and I started texting our daughter while we waited out the storm because we were supposed to be setting up for this show in a couple of hours. Eventually, the weather settled, all was well, and we headed for the VFW hall to get things set up.

My daughter, Jess, had done a couple of small events over the past few months. She was just starting her handmade business and had invited me to join her. At the time, I wasn't making anything crafty to sell, but this event was for vintage/antique items as well as handmade, so I had packed a couple of boxes with stuff from our basement, slapped on some price tags and considered myself good to go.

We talk about that first show every now and then, and it brings back some great memories. Each of us sold a few things, we laughed a lot, and we got to spend a fun Saturday together. When your only daughter is newly married, you treasure every mintue of time you get with her.

That was the beginning of our journey, and I am humbled and amazed by how far we have come, especially my daughter. Since then, we have done dozens of craft shows, started online businesses, learned how to use several fun tools and pieces of equipment, and figured out a lot of things along the way.

I started Mimi the Maker to share some of the tips, how-tos, and don'ts that we have learned through the years. Most of the content will be posted in Facebook group, but every now and then, I'll direct you back here to the blog for more detailed information or a story. Despite the photo, I'm no Superwoman, however, I have gained a lot of knowledge through my experience in starting and running my small business, setting up at events, and weathering storms, literally and figuratively.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will learn a little, laugh a lot and enjoy the time we spend together on this journey.