Stubborn German Brewing Company

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Stubborn German Brewing Company

Stubborn German Brewing Company
119 S. Main Street
Waterloo, IL 
Visited 2.2.20
Nearby tracks:

Belle Clair Speedway [About 20 miles]

Stubborn German Brewing Company was our second stop on this spectacular February Sunday afternoon. We walked across the square from Hopskeller, and enjoyed the little park in the center.

As with Hopskeller, this was not our first time at Stubborn German. It's one of those places we love to visit. As its name suggests, they love their heritage, and it shows. Above the front doors is an Alphorn (think Ricola commercials) that spans the width of the huge window in which it sits.

The bar is a nice size, with seating for at least a dozen patrons. There is some outside seating in front, with a few picnic tables, as well as lots of tables indoors. From the bar, it's easy to see the brewing equipment just up a short flight of stairs.

In addition to beer, this microbrewery also offers my favorite cider from Brick River, so I give it a hearty thumbs up!

One of the best parts of hanging out in these places are the people we meet, and today was a bonanza. Scott overheard the two couples next to us talking about marching band, and asked about their involvement. As former band parents ourselves, it was fun talking about that life and all of the fun and challenges it entails. We ended up having a lot to talk about, with regard to Irish heritage, music, other pubs we enjoyed and the like. In fact, we liked them so much that we ended up meeting up with them again back at Hopskeller! I think I see some visits to O'Dell's Pub in Eureka in our near future, as well as some trips to Dogtown, where our new friend plays in an Irish band.

The Super Bowl started, and we decided it was time to make our way home from our Waterloo adventure. We'll be back again soon, I have no doubt.

As always, you can see Scott's objective reviews of the beers he tries on the Untapped app. His user name is SPBrew. Also, don't miss our new Instagram account. Follow us at @HopLapsBlog for all of our latest craft beer and racing excursions.

One final note, if you've been following along, you know by now that I'm not a beer girl. However, Stubborn German has the most amazing "dessert" beer called German Chocolate Cake Stout. Oh. My. Goodness! I've never finished off one of Scott's samples, but I did today. You must try this beer.

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