Marshall Brewing Company

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Marshall Brewing Company

Marshall Brewing Co.
618 S. Wheeling Ave.
Tulsa, OK
Facebook: @MarshallBrewing
Visited:  01.17.20
Nearby race tracks: 
Tulsa Expo Center for the Chili Bowl (Tulsa) [About 3 miles]
Port City Raceway (Tulsa) [About 10.5 miles]

If Scott likes a brewery, he loves to go back and visit again, just to make sure his taste buds haven't changed. Marshall Brewing was on his list for just that reason, and he was pleasantly surprised to find they had opened their new tasting room, just around the corner from the old one.

Our second brewery of the day was once again by railroad tracks, which were, again, not conducive to any trains that day. We really liked the inside of this place though. It has an industrial feel, with exposed brick and a nice long bar. There are also some really cool neon lights over the tables. We enjoyed sitting in a cozy area near the front where we could relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

There is a unique private sitting area just past the bar that was very interesting. It is inside what was once a vault. There is a table for four, and it looks like a great place for a hand of poker.

To see Scott's thoughts on the beers he tried, check him out on the Untapped app as SPBrew.

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