Hopskeller Brewing Company

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Hopskeller Brewing Company

Hopskeller Brewing Company
116 E. Third Street
Waterloo, IL 
Web: http://hopskeller.com/
Facebook: @hopskeller
Visited 2.2.20
Nearby tracks:

Belle Clair Speedway [About 20 miles]

Sunday in February. 70 degrees. Clean Jeep. What are ya gonna do?

That was a pretty easy decision for us as we headed out the door for a drive on an absolutely gorgeous Sunday afternoon. When it's been nothing but gloomy and gross outside for days on end, and the sun finally breaks through, it's time to drop everything.

We headed over to Waterloo, IL, which is about an hour from our house. It's a place we've been to several times and we really enjoy going back. The really nice thing is, there are two great craft breweries right on the square, just a short walk from each other.

We started out at Hopskeller, where we enjoyed our beverages (a flight for him, sangria for me) out on the deck. The sun felt great on our shoulders as we broke out the cards for a game of rummy. The deck we use is perfect for these outings because each card features a different brewery on the face.

There was a decent little gathering, and I think everyone was just elated to get outside this Groundhogs Day, before gathering in front of the television later for the Big Game. 

We always enjoy visiting Hopskeller. It's a cozy place with a nice atmosphere, plenty of room and Scott likes the beer, so that's a plus. We had already eaten, but we've had their wood-fired pizza in the past and we can recommend it.

As always, you can see Scott's objective reviews of the beers he tries on the Untapped app. His user name is SPBrew. Also, something new in the blog this week, we started an Instagram account. Be sure to follow us at @HopLapsBlog for all the latest updates.

Up next, Stubborn German.

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