Elgin Park

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Elgin Park

Elgin Park
325 East M.B. Brady
Tulsa, OK
Web: https://www.elginparkbrewery.com/
Facebook: @ElginParkTulsa
Visited: 1.17.20
Nearby race tracks:
Tulsa Expo Raceway for the Chili Bowl (Tulsa) [About 5.5 miles]
Port City Raceway (Tulsa) [About 12 miles]

Our last stop on Friday was Elgin Park, as suggested to us by one of our Facebook followers. (Thanks, April!) and we're glad we went.

Located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, right next to the ballpark, Elgin Park is a more upscale, sports-themed venue. There were lots of team flags and banners around, sports on TV and we could tell this would be a great local hangout before and after ballgames.

We just missed the lunch special, but ordered a couple of their "big as your face" pizza slices, which did not disappoint. Thank heavens we each only ordered one! I had cheese, and Scott had pepperoni, and they were both really good. Next time, I'll be tempted to try the brisket pizza our race fan neighbors at the corner of the bar ordered. It smelled delicious and they said it was very good too.

For me, the last stop was perfect because they had a hard cider on tap. It was Angry Orchard, not a local offering, but still, it was nice to have something besides water with my pizza.

As always, check out Scott's beer reviews on the Untapped app, user name SPBrew.

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