Broken Arrow Brewing Company

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Broken Arrow Brewing Company

Broken Arrow Brewing Co.
333 S. Dallas St.
Broken Arrow, OK
Facebook: @babrewingco
Visited:  01.17.20
Nearby race tracks: 
Tulsa Expo Center for the Chili Bowl (Tulsa) [About 12 miles]
Port City Raceway (Tulsa) [About 10 miles]

This was the first brewery we visited during the 2020 Chili Bowl weekend, and as soon as we walked in the door, one of the owners recognized us as race fans. I guess it didn't hurt that we were both wearing Chili Bowl hoodies. Anyway, it's always good to find fellow race fans when we're out and about.

 Broken Arrow Brewing resides in the old Broken Arrow Ice Plant and Light & Power Building, which imbues the place with lots of rustic charm. One of our favorite things about the location, is that sits right next to BNSF tracks. Even though we didn't see any trains go by, we loved knowing that we could.

 It was kind of a gloomy day outside so we didn't get to enjoy the patio, but inside, the place was warm and cheerful. We loved the exposed brick walls and just the vintage feel of the place.

Broken Arrow is a quaint little town that I hope we'll get to explore a little more when we come back in March.

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